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Residential part of the Park Residence Condominium offers several types of apartments which differ on the basis of disposition, orientation, design, and surface area. The design solution of each type of the residential units has been done professionally and carefully, and therefore it reflects contemporary, clean and open disposition enabling different options, depending on the residents’ needs.

Spacious master bedrooms with their own walk-in-closets and bathrooms, as well as glass walls and spacious decks fully correspond to the luxurious level of living such is guaranteed by the Park Residence. For each carefully designed detail in apartments, we have selected exclusively the materialisation of supreme quality of the referential world’s manufacturers.

Each residential unit is equipped with safety door being an ideal mixture of aesthetics and safety with certified thermic and acoustic features. All inside doors were made of high quality wooden veneers, and as regards the floors, there has been used hardwood floor of the premium quality (three-layered parquet prepared for the underfloor heating system). The bathrooms are fully equipped with sanitary items and tiles (big dimension ones) of the most reputable world producers and specifically designed details of the supreme final processing (glass, mirrors, and cabinets).

The apartments have been equipped with fire proof and anti-burglary detection, as well as preparatory facility for the alarm system. There has been installed the system of KNX smart house which includes the possibility of surveillance and control of the apartment via mobile application even when the resident is away (managing the heating, air conditioning, lighting, outside shutters and other functions). The system of heating and air condition is based on heat pumps and is individually controlled for each residential unit. The overall residential space is equipped with the system of underfloor eating, and when choosing the building materials, the priority was given to ones with high level of thermic isolation in order to achieve cost efficiency.

Outside walls are actually the glass surfaces from the floor to the ceiling, and in order to achieve best possible thermic and sound isolation we have chosen the best quality aluminium profiles and three layered IZO glasses with Low-E coating and argon filling. The full façade transparency during a day enables maximum penetration of daylight into your living space, and at night it provides spectacular city view. Since utilizing the clear vision glass, where iron oxide is extracted in modernized production process (giving greenish tone to the glass), we achieved an extremely clean vision and very high light penetration (92%) and display of colours (99%). All glass surfaces have been equipped with outside shutters which, upon one’s need, provide sun protection and high degree of privacy.

Specificity of the Park Residence living concept is spacious terraces along each apartment. The access to the terraces is possible from each room, thereby ensuring a complete feeling of openness and freedom. In thank to a very favourable position of the condominium, in terms of sunlight and opulent dimension of the terraces, they can be actively used most of the year. The terraces provide an additional possibility to grow decorative plants and they contribute to the feeling of intertwining inside space with outside surrounding. For those preferring “living on the top” the Park Residence Condominium offers seven penthouses and three “Sky villas” (penthouses on two floors).



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