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Parking area envisaged for the residents is placed in the underground floor of the complex, and it offers standard and bigger dimensions parking spots.

The garage is secured with 24-hour video and physical surveillance, and for additional efficiency, it is also equipped with an automated license plate reader, as well as electric cars chargin stations.

A part of the garage is also envisaged for the business part of the building and guests.



Space for relaxation, sport and socializing, and numerous premium services are available exclusively to the residents of the Park Residence and their guests. In this way, we create a better concept of living saving your time and money, but, at the same time, providing everything you need in one place. The following areas for rest, recreation and socializing are:

  • indoor swimming pool
  • spa center
  • fitness center
  • indoor area for sport activities
  • conference room
  • cinema hall
  • playroom for children
  • outdoor playroom
  • open-air cinema
  • library
  • concierge service
  • bellboy service
  • wallet parking
  • car wash
  • dry cleaning
  • electric car rental
  • scooters and bicycles rental
  • mediation in renting a housing unit

Additional outdoor amenities include a plateau with landscaping and a promenade: an equipped and comfortable outdoor urban space for socialization.

Tenants can also enjoy a shopping mall with restaurants, supermarket, pharmacy, drugstores, beauty and hair salons etc., which is open for public as well.

Management of the complex and maintenance of common parts of the facility and equipment of Park Residence includes activities in order to maintain safety, functionality, hygiene and appearance of the facility, but also to maintain high quality housing, and includes the following items:

  • 24 hour physical surveillance
  • 24 hour central video surveillance of common areas
  • 24 hour reception
  • service management mobile application
  • access control system
  • access control system for guests via video intercom
  • functional wi-fi network
  • regular cleaning and maintenance
  • connection with the notification center of the authorized agency for protection of people and property
  • regular maintenance and restoration of green areas and horticulture
  • picking up waste in front of housing units and disposing of it in appropriate containers
  • maintenance and repair of common areas and installations



In the ground floor being open towards the street where the main entrance is, next to the complex, there were planned business amenities open for public, chosen primarily to respond to everyday needs of residents, but also for Park Residence to improve the quality of local community living.

We favor amenities that will meet the daily needs of the residents, ie supermarket, pharmacies, drugstores, restaurants, beauty and hair salons, etc. A private kindergarten is planned on the upper basement floor.

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